Innovation and synergies are the underlying themes of this news round-up. Flirtey is partnering with Reno-based ambulance service REMSA to send out defibrillators by drone as part of the response to a cardiac arrest emergency. Meanwhile Ross Intelligence is expanding its reach by partnering with Vector Institute, the world's leading AI research institute. We are also excited to report on the successful scale-up of Cratejoy with website traffic increasing by 500%. Finally, on the Asian front, Didi Chuxing has partnered with 12 automakers to create the first electric vehicle sharing network in China, a revolutionary move that bodes well for commuters and the environmentally conscious.

Flirtey sees EpiPens, Narcan in future as AED drone delivery expands

Flirtey, a drone delivery company, wants to set an example for medical emergency drones in Reno and wants to see its services set a precedent for lifesaving efforts in the aerial delivery industry. Check out the story here

ROSS Intelligence partners with world’s leading AI research institute

ROSS Intelligence announces partnership with Vector Institute, world’s leading artificial intelligence research institute. Read here

Cratejoy Expands Marketplace After 500% Traffic Increase            

Cratejoy announced an expansion of the Marketplace, a zero-effort, zero-risk sales channel for subscription boxes to increase revenue and reach new subscribers, after the company reached more than 40 million page views in 2017! Read here

Didi Chuxing to Create an Open Car-Sharing Platform with 12 Automakers

Didi Chuxing is setting up an electric car sharing service with 12 automakers, including BYD, local partners of Ford Motor and the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance. Check out the story